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safety jackets and helmets

Falling debris? Uneven ground? Abrasive material handling? Airborne dust? We here at KGB engineering private limited provide you with optimum solutions for safety jackets and helmets.

We at KGB engineering private limited understand the needs of the Construction and manufacturing industries and provide you with the best safety jackets, belts and helmets.

Wearing a safety jacket, belts and helmet is becoming the norm for so many workers around the world. From warehouses to construction sites, the number of those wearing protection has grown over the years.

These vests combine flame resistance and high visibility for improved safety against heat and improved visibility when working in dark conditions.

Types of reflective ware :

High-Visibility Waistcoat (orange/ green)
High Visibility Sleeved Waistcoat (green)

Safety Helmets

Safety helmets are designed to protect the head against falling objects and also the side of the head, eyes, and neck from any untoward impacts, bumps, scrapes, and electrical exposure. Those in the construction industry require the use of hard hats.

The suspension bands that are present in hard hats allow for a spreading of the helmet’s weight and the force of an impact over the top of the head.

Hard hats should be replaced once they show signs of damage that are dents, cracks, penetration, or fatigue due to rough treatment. The helmet changes its color as the hard hat is exposed to UV light.

Vents built into the hard hat release heat and allow air circulation to enhance comfort of the worker.

The cooling effect of air circulation helps reduce perspiration in hot and humid working environments. A 4 point ratchet suspension adjusts easily to allow for a customized height also fits that best suits the individual.

The ratchet system allows tightening / loosening the fit without taking the hard hat off.

Industrial Safety Belt / Full Body Harnesses

We at KGB engineering private limited have a wide industry experience. We offer a quality verified range of Industrial Safety Belts and Harnesses which are prominently used in film-making or production during numerous risky acts.

High quality fall restraints such as the ones we supply give you the reassurance that you are taking all the necessary precautions to protect yourself within a hazardous work situation.

The brand 3M is well known and established for its strength and safety. These can be modified as per the choice of the consumers in various sizes. They are mainly used during rescue and clearing operations.

So bothered about the Safety Cross Belt Vest or harness quality ?

Well, you can be totally sure to get the best quality by 3M at KGB engineering private limited.

Now that you know the importances of quality safety equipment you can check out the list of products provided by KGB Engineering Private limited, as i mentioned above we give the best quality of products and services to our customers around the clock. Get protected with us!

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