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Experiencing bursting of pipes due to high pressure? Excessive handling? Bending of Pipes? KGB Engineering Private Limited provides you with premium high-quality flanges which are used to connect pipes, valves, pumps or any other accessories to form a piping system.

Implementing a flange will give an added advantage to your piping system. The pipes that are connected using flanges are more secure compared to the pipe that are connected through soldering or welding.



Different types of flanges are :

The most used flanges are

  • Welding Neck
  • Blind Flange
  • Slip on
  • Socket Weld
  • Lap Joint
  • Threaded

Every flange has different application and advantages which will be discussed further in the blog. 

WN Flange:

WN Flange are Weld Neck Flange which have a long-tapered hub at the end. The long-tapered hub goes over the wall from the piping system. The long-tapered hub is useful in various applications such as High Pressure or Elevated Pressure. It also helps to get rid of some common problems like bending of pipes.

In order to match the diameter of the mating pipe, the flanges are bored so that there should be free flow of the gas or liquid from one pipe to another. Doing so, prevents turbulence to occur and also decreases erosion.

Blind Flange:

Blind Flanges don’t have a bore and it mainly used at the end of the piping system. Compared to other flanges, Blind Flanges are typically larger in size and highly stressed. The purpose of Blind Flange is to block off a section of pipe or a nozzle on a vessel.

Blind Flange is also used when a repair work is required ahead to a piping system. This closes the flow of gas or liquid and stops the flow.

Slip On Flange:

Slip On Flange as the name suggests, this type of flange slip over the pipe. It has a bigger inner diameter in comparison to the outer diameter. The Slip On Flange is welded on the inner side as well as on the outer side to prevent leakage and provide enough strength.

Slip on Flange  are normally lower in price than weld-neck flanges. It also has low cost for installation. It requires less time to spend on the accuracy of the cut pipe and hence quite easier to align.

Socket Weld Flange:

Socket Weld Flange is similar to Slip On Flange, The only difference being that it has a female socket which is been fitted with the pipe.

A Socket Weld Flange has a bore which is of the same diameter that of the inner diameter of the pipe and counterbore which is bit larger than the outer diameter of the matching pipe.

Socket Weld Flange are a good replacement to the threaded fittings and hence it reduces the risk of leakage to almost null. Construction costs of this type of flange is low because it doesn’t need many fit up requirements.

Lap Joint Flange:

A Lap Joint Flange  also called Van Stone or Stub Flange. It consists of two components, a stub end which is welded to the pipe and a loose backing flange which moves freely over the pipe. Pipes fitted with the help of Lapped pipe or Lap joint stub ends uses this type of flanges.

Carbon Steel material is used as it is better and cost effective.

Threaded Flange:

Threaded Flange also known as Screwed Flange as it has a thread inside the bore. The bore fits perfectly on the pipe to the male thread on the matching pipe. The special property of theses flanges is that it can attached to another pipe without welding. Hence, the connection using this flange is simple and fast.

These types of flanges are in a high demand because they don’t need any kind of welding.

So, above mentioned were different types of flanges provided by KGB Engineering Pvt Ltd.

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