CP Brass Fittings

CP Brass Fittings – Types and Benefits

Several pipes and tubing sections are needed to be connected with one another for the system to work effectively in a plumbing system. This objective is satisfied by  pipe fittings, which are used for connecting taps or showers as well as connecting pipes of various shapes and sizes. Brass Pipe fittings come in a wide range of shapes and thread sizes to connect, adapt, or control any liquid or gas in pipes.

CP Brass Fittings also used in chemical, electrical and mechanical industries for various purposes. The fittings made from a different material has its own properties, features, and advantages. In this post, we will learn about the basics of CP brass fittings, its types and benefits.

Different Types of CP Brass Fittings  –

1. CP Extension, HEX Nipple –

 A nipple is a fitting that consists of short pieces of pipe with a male-threaded at each end that are used for connecting straight pipe runs.

The length of the nipple is normally indicated  by the overall length with thread. Nipple with  a hexagonal section in the middle for a wrench to grasp is referred to as a “HEX Nipple“.

2. Brass/Bush, PEX M/Adapter

Bushings are used to join pipes of various  sizes, by  typically reducing a larger fitting  to a smaller pipe.

It is very useful for industrial works of pipes. It works similar to nuts and bolts and is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Brass bushing  has anti-rust properties and anti-friction properties when in contact with steel. A rubber seal is set on the inside part of the bushing to prevent water leakage. This seal permits a minute amount of fluid to leak through to lubricate the bushing.

3. Shower / Shattaf Hose

Shower/Shattaf Hose is made of steel and brass which is rust & Corrosion resistant. 

Shower hoses are mainly  used to connect the shower valve to the shower head. 

It has double interlock properties and it won’t bend or kink.

All shower hoses look the same at first sight, but when observed nicely the cones on the ends are actually slightly different and this can affect how the hose fits inside the bracket or riser. A poor fit shower hose could cause the shower head to turn or slip during showering, which can be very risky.

So, always inspect hose completely before buying.

4. Mixer Hose & Cp Smooth Flexible

A hose is a flexible  tube which is  designed to carry fluids from one place to another. Hoses are also sometimes called pipes but the only difference is that the  pipe usually refers to a rigid tube, whereas a hose is usually a flexible one.

Mixer hose & CP Smooth Flexible is used in the kitchen for grinding machines machines. 

Therefore, the above mentioned were different types of CP Brass Fittings provided by KGB Engineering Pvt Ltd.

 Hence, if you are looking for an ideal CP Brass Fittings then KGB would be the most reliable for you because of our Premium and Cost effective Products and Services.

Benefits –

With today’s many options available in the market, careful consideration should go into choosing the ideal plumbing fittings.  Brass, a copper and zinc alloy is very common in plumbing works  from homes to large industrial use . 

So, if you are still wondering about the benefits of using these fittings  then this post is just for you.

Below written are the 4 benefits  that will help you to understand why  CP Brass Fittings are so popular – 

1. High Durability  

Because of its numerous working properties, brass is a highly durable metal. This makes it ideal when a pipes framework needs a strong and  long service material  as they stay in incredible condition for quite a long time without breaking or crumbling .It’s also perfect for hot water distribution as brass fittings last longer than any other metals.

2. High temperature Resistant 

Brass has an  exceptional conductivity of temperature and  improves the hot water efficiency of the distribution system. It has the tendency to  endure a much higher temperature than fittings made of other materials.

And also, brass fittings are fire resistant. 

3. Malleability

Brass fittings have excellent  malleability as compared to  steel or iron. This means that the material is easier to bend, shape or mold  than those made from other materials available on the market. If you ever had to deal with a plumbing job with a little off, then CP Brass Fittings would be best fit as it keeps installation cost very low and the maintenance work is also easier. 

4. Corrosion Resistant  

Brass  is highly resistant to corrosion and  this makes it ideal for use in pipe fittings. Those who live in areas that have corrosive water properties get the best advantage of brass fittings, as they do not rust or corrode in water having poor pH conditions.

Since rust and corrosion cause wear and tear on the metal fittings, so when you are looking for long-lasting fittings, brass is the ideal material for the job.

These are the reasons which make brass fittings popular in so many plumbing works.

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