Gear and Bearing Fluid: How do you improve efficiency of gearbox?

Have you ever thought how to improve efficiency to protect gearbox?

Talking about gear and bearing fluid, do you know how to improve efficiency of your equipment? How regularly does gear oil be changed? Fluids are specially designed for transmission, transfer cases and various automobiles, trucks and other machinery.

The requirement of gear and bearing fluid has been expanded. As consistently gear loadings been raised, working periods have been extended and maintenance decreased. Producers presently offer a wide range of oils than any time in recent.

Gear and bearing fluid

Gear and bearing oil maintenance

Generally the gear oil has to be slightly red in colour. When it’s used for longer time it will be dark because of oxidation and debris. Sometimes changing of fluid depends on the long usage. Due to lack of not changing gear oil regularly result in chances of breakdown, allowing friction and grinding of gear components which leads to unnecessary repairs.

Gear oil maintenance schedule

Always refer to the equipment direction and for instance, regular change of fluids to keep them smooth.

Purpose of gear and bearing fluid

  • The gear oil is designed to protect critical parts.
  • These avoid breakdown of drive axle and different gears and bearings, engines, automotive gear boxes and power take-off system.
  • Gear oil basically have a higher viscosity across the entire gear package for better distribution and safety.
  • Heavy load problem will be overcome by presence of EP properties.

Why choose KGB’s fluids?

  • Viscosity is one of the most important property of a lubricating oil.
  • The additive product used in the lubricant will determine the general category of the lubricant. Also under operating conditions, will affect different key performance properties.
  • The operating conditions, gear type and other factors can determine the type of base oil should be used.
  • Do not contain solids that can be removed during filtration.
Gear Oil change

Industrial applications

In any industry, by using KGB gear and bearing fluid of high-quality lubricants keeps those adhesives clean and dry, you can maintain your valuable production assets and maximize your equipment life span.

KGB Engineers Private Limited provides enhanced oils and greases that meet the efficiency of ordinary lubricants. Some of the industries where these lubricate can be used are: agriculture, cement and concrete, construction, chemicals, food and beverage, industrial equipment, mining, oil and gas, power generation, refuses and waste system and transportation etc.

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