M Seal: A Solution to Many Problems

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In this blog we will discuss about a new product of KGB and will give a brief information about the product. KGB exports many products such as GI Clamps, CP Brass Fittings, Flanges, Sanitary Ware, Safety and Consumables. We will discuss about a consumable product i.e., M Seal General Purpose Epoxy Compound.

M Seal General Purpose Epoxy Compound.
M Seal General Purpose Epoxy Compound

M Seal is a Multi-Purpose Sealant. It has four main applications: Sealing, Fixing, Joining and Building. It has been used widely in industries as well as in households. M Seal has become a great asset mainly to the plumbing industry.

M Seal General Purpose Epoxy Compound is easy to use and it has a two-component room temperature setting. It is also applicable in sealing surfaces of ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals. Not only it seals but also used in gripping, joining & insulating surfaces of almost any kind of surfaces. On curing this product, it exhibits tough and long-lasting bond and it set into a hard mass which can be drilled, filled, tapped and also painted. This cured product is heat and moisture. M Seal General Purpose Epoxy Compound has very good electrical insulating property.

Uses of M Seal by Area:

Industrial: The product can be applicable in Industrial Area to seal blowholes, crack and leakage in pipes and mould boxes. It will give smooth finish to joints and corners and sealing cracks or holes in metal as well as wooden patterns. Also, it can seal leakage or crack in industrial vessels, boilers, metal fabrications, etc. It is also useful in sealing storage tanks, concrete pipes, etc.

Electrical: This product can also be applicable in Electrical Area in sealing and insulating cable entries in switch box, machines, etc. Used for sealing flanges and cable entry portions of cable joints to make moisture proof cables. Also used to join metal parts to porcelain parts of insulators.

Automobile: Sealing of petrol/diesel tanks in case of leakage. Also used for sealing of fuel pumps, engine blocks, silencer, battery casing, etc. It is also used in filling body dents and cracks to the vehicles.

General/Household: The product can also be used in handicrafts to make various sculptures. Filling gaps in the sliding windows at home. To close the ant holes. Sealing the flush tanks, taps, pipelines, etc.

Features of M Seal:

  • M Seal is very easy to use.
  • It creates a tough and long-lasting bond.
  • M Seal also offers excellent electrical insulation.
  • It is resistant to moisture, water, mild acids.
  • M Seal offers machining, drilling, cutting after hardening.
  • It offers a smooth finish once applied.

Do’s and Don’ts:


  • It is recommended to trim your nails before mixing.
  • Use hand gloves to protect skin from M Seal.
  • Immediately wash your hands with soap and water after application of M Seal.
  • Wait until the mixture hardens completely. (Takes 1-2 hrs.)


  • Avoid to add water or any kind of solvent in the mixture.
  • Don’t hold the mixture in your hand for long period of time.

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