Do Colors Affect How You Feel?

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2020 has changed many things like greetings, meetings, and many basics of daily living. We can say we used to change this year. We stayed at home more than outside. Many of us became good chief, we focus on ourselves more than ever, we learn new skills, watched more movies, read books, or do nothing.

It is acceptable that is also something. But there is a fact. Whether you do something or not it is quite important where you live even the color of your wall.

Every color has a feeling

So Does It Affect How You Feel?   


According to research these warm colors like red, orange, and yellow evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of anger and hostility.

These blue, purple, and green colors are often described as calm, but can also call to mind feelings of sadness or indifference.

So, Does It Affect Your Performance While You stay at Home?


The studies show that students who were presented with the red number before taking the test scored more than 20% lower than those presented with the green and black numbers.

But additional researches are still needed. For us, the best color the one that makes you happy 🙂

Now! Look Around, Ask Yourself:


Or, do you need some CHANGES as we learned from 2020?

Listen we have good news for you. Our new series of aerosol spray paints definitely work for you!

Below written are the spray paints that we provide at KGB

1. Sparkling Colors

Sparkling colors are made according to aesthetic goals. Every drop of sparkling color adheres strongly to the surface. They do not leave an unpainted place after application. You can easily use it on the wall, door or car. There are different colors such as shiny silver, sparkly gold, metallic black.

2. Heat Resistant Colors

Heat Resistant paint is fundamentally formulated based on special thermoset pigments to provide resistance to temperatures.

Designed for parts or surfaces subjected to different stages of thermal shock such as stoves, boilers, exhaust pipes, engines, or fluid conduits.

These colors are designed for use on ovens, grills, etc. They can be sprayed on bare metal. No primer layer is necessary!

3. Candy Tone Colors

Cand Tone Colours Produces high gloss transparent color shades that do not require priming. Using a metallic silver base creates the candy tone metallic effect. The result is a greater visual depth and tonal variation under sunlight.

You can apply metal primarily without a doubt.

They are generally warm colors which are candy red, candy blue, and chrome.

4. Fluorescent Color

Fluorescent Aerosol Paints provide maximum visibility and safety. These paints glow under ultraviolet light and increase brilliance.

These colors are a type of bright color. They might continue to glow without a light source

The term is inspired by actual fluorescence whereby a material emits light after a period of absorbing light energy.

5. Wood Varnish

Wood Varnish protects your furniture with a hard structure of the paint. It provides to use your goods longer and enjoyable.

Varnishes are usually clear, highly durable, and offer UV protection, making them suitable for doors and marine finishes, whether on bare or stained wood.

We have many color options; nyatch golden pine, rosewood, redwood Indian rosewood, maroon, teak, and dark.

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