Spray Paint Guns – An Ultimate Guide

Spray paint guns are one of the important tools in any industrial finishing tasks. They  are great for any decorating task, but why should one use a paint spray gun ?

This article will answer all your questions. So, stay tuned with us.

Before getting into details, let’s just start with

What are Spray guns actually?

Spray paint guns

Spray guns are the tools that can splash paint  using air pressure in order to apply it on a surface.

These guns can be utilized to paint on any type of surface be it metal, wood, ceramics and porcelain, plastic, glass and textile.

Because of this, spray guns are key tools for any type of manufacturing industry and repainting services, since they permit modern industrial finishing of any of their products in an economical and most efficient way.

Types of spray guns

There are numerous approaches to classify spray guns, by the technology they use, by the method of operation, etc.

In general, there are 4 main types of paint sprayers available.

These are-

  1. Airless paint sprayers
  2. Portable handheld spray guns
  3. HVLP sprayers
  4.  Compressed air sprayer
  1. Airless Paint Sprayers – An airless paint sprayer is incredible for painting interior and exterior walls, but the only drawback is that it can be quite  messy with overspray.
  1. Handheld spray guns – They are best for many homeowners who want to get a professional finish but have the flexibility of a little unit.  But it is not generally the gun that can be used to spray the entire interior or exterior of the house.
  1. HVLP High Volume Low-Pressure– This paint system is incredible for doing detailed work without it being too messy. But the only drawback is that it is slower and not quite so good for the bigger projects as you have to refill the cup.
  1. Compressed Air Systems- These are great for the auto trade but it can be tricky to set up and start utilizing. With the requirement for a separate compressor that can be very noisy for regular use around the home. They can be quite tricky to set up but are great for auto trade.

How to choose the right spray gun for your work?

Truth to be told there is no perfect answer for this question. Still these can be some of  the variables that can be used to choose the right spray gun for your work –


Equipment and accessories needed

Frequency of use


Advantages of using spray guns

  1. Speed

If you don’t have much time on  decorating a project then a paint sprayer is a great option. Using a paint spray  is much faster than  paint brushes or rollers though it may take a little time if you are new to it .  This is especially good for tricky areas, such as corners of the walls or tight spaces where rollers can not normally reach.

  1. Size Choices

Paint spray guns come in a  different range of sizes and forms that are best suited for lots of different people .The most popular types of spray guns are air spray guns and hvlp spray guns.

  1. Smooth paint coverage

Another advantage of a paint spray gun is the even finish that is achieved. Unlike paint brushes or rollers, the fine paint mist ensures that all surfaces are reached. A paint spray gun is ideal for using more difficult things, such as stairs or furniture, in particular a HVLP spray gun .

But one thing you must bear in mind that an uneven finish may occur if there is too much overlap with the previously painted section. If the paint is high sheen, this will be more recognizable.


Now you have been through a quick insight into the four different types of paint spray guns and  their advantages.

While they are all multi-purpose some are better than others for certain tasks. So it is important you have the best for the type of work you will essentially be doing.

Which is best, you will have to decide as it is a very much debated topic throughout the industry.

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