10 Crucial Car Maintenance Tips

We all know that owning a new car or buying a secondhand car as a personal requirement takes a lot of time, money, and effort and car maintenance is a must.

But just owning a new car doesn’t make it reliable for the rest of its lifespan or else because of buying a secondhand car, it doesn’t mean that it will not be reliable.

For both scenarios, one must take good care of the corresponding cars, just in case if it is a secondhand car it requires more attention. And that it requires a lot of maintenance and should spend some extra money on its maintenance. 

In this blog, we are going to have a look at how to take good care of our cars by following the guidelines of car maintenance in 10 possible ways. So without further delay, we can now dive in. 

These are the 10 various guidelines for car maintenance, and we can apply these tips to pretty much every car in order to keep your car in a good shape:

1. Oil-Changing Intervals

One of the largest queries that each car owner wonders about is when typically must you change the car oil. 

For many years, specialists are recommending changing the car oil after every 5000 kilometers. However, ever since trendy technology has been available, most car makers prescribe to change oils between 12000 to 15000 km.

car oil changing intervals
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Tips to keep your car oil clean:

  1. For a new car, you can trust the oil-life monitor, as it will inform you when to alter your oil next.
  2. You can also have a look at your car’s user manual as well for further suggestions related to the oil- changing intervals.
  3. You can use a gauge to see your oil level.
    If it’s less, then add additional oil. If it’s dirty, then you can change the oil.
  4. Make it a habit to stay on track and pen the mileage of your car whenever you change your car’s oil or just get it done by a mechanic.
    Use a tiny notebook or manual to write the dates down, and the mileage that is there on that date. As this helps you to know when to change the car’s oil for the next time.

2. Brake Checks

Daily Driving in heavy traffic, puts lots of pressure on your car’s brake. 

So, if that’s an activity of your daily routine, or just in case your car offers loads of mileage each year. It’s vital that you just recognize the proper time to have your brakes checked as this is an important step in car maintenance step.

car brake checks
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You will get several signs, which will help you discover that the brakes of your car need a check-up. 

So always keep a watch out for these factors, i.e. If:

  1. You hear a high-pitched screechy while using your brake.
  2. The car’s handwheel vibrates when you stop or when you slow down.
  3. You hear hardcore metal-on-metal grinding sounds.
  4. The time taken to prevent your car has enhanced otherwise; you got to place additional effort on the foot lever.
  5. Your car gets force to at least one aspect, whereas applying the brake.
  6. There’s a foul smell once you pull the brakes.
  7. Of course, the worst and most dangerous sign is once you are on the road, and you’ve got applied the brake on an occasion. And you’re still unable to bring the car to a halt.
    To stop such a scenario, always keep on taking your car for the routine break. Also checks if you notice any of them on top of signs.

3. Car Tire Maintenance

Maintaining the health of your tires can help you go a long way and will help you save money and prevent dangerous driving situations. 

So, always make sure that you know how to and when to check on your car tires. Down below we have mentioned some category wise information:

car tire maintenance
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  1.  Tread is nothing but a surface of your car’s tires, as it makes sure that your car is running on the road. 
  2. When the car’s tire gets worn out, there are chances that your car might slip, especially when it’s on wet or icy roads.
  3.  When you notice that the car’s tread all worn out, just replace your tires as soon as possible. Check on your tires once in a month.


  1. The Tires that are under-enlarged will let you at a high level of damage risk or will even blowout. They can also lead to a decrease in the fuel efficiency of the car.
  2. In the user manual, you can find out the optimal PSI for your car and also can get your tire pressure checked at least once a month. 
  3. If you feel like you want to check the tire pressure yourself, then follow the user’s manual steps accordingly and you can check the PSI, starting with a gauge.


  1.  Rotate your tires, as it helps you to maintain your car’s fuel efficiency and also makes sure to prevent irregular wear and tear.
  2.  In-order to see the recommended rotational intervals, you can check onto the user manual.
  3.  Rotate your tires sooner once you see any signs of wear.

Balance & Alignment:

  1. Balancing your car’s tires will make sure that your car is not just pulled over on one side, as it prevents our car’s wheel from wearing out.
  2. Always remember to balance and align your car tires while changing the oil or replacing tires.

4. Power Steering Maintenance

In each car, there will be a hydraulic fluid reservoir.

Always make sure that your garage is filled with it and whenever you get your car serviced, just make sure if everything is filled correctly. 

car power steering
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So what you should basically do is to check over them once in a month to make sure that the levels are normal. You can add more of this recommended fluid if necessary.

5. Bodywork

Regular polishing, cleanups, and rust maintenance will facilitate shield your motor from exterior components. As time passes, the paint of your automotive gets faded. To relinquish it with a more modern look, apply polish and elbow-grease. 

car bodywork
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Around once every week, a general clean-up is adequate to clean off scrap and corrosive components from your automotive. every three or four months. So that your motor can have the benefit of waxing. And In addition, it makes the motor shine like new.

6. Car Lights

The lights on the cars should always be checked once a week. The things we need to consider include indicators, reverse lights, fog lights, and brake lights.

car light
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We should also look out for any frozen dirt which will be there on the lenses or if there will be any cracked or broken bulbs on our car lights.

7. Water

When the car engine is overheated, then slowly pour some water onto the engine while it is running in neutral or it is in the park. Most cars require a 50/50 mix of coolant and water to prevent heat production. 

A tip for the winters: You must always check the antifreeze and if needed you must also top up it.

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The car’s coolant level should always be in between the minimum and maximum level, as per the user manual.

You should always check if the engine is cold or the car’s ignition is offed, once a week.

8. Windscreen Maintenance

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Hit by stones on our car’s windscreen and getting a crack because of it is something common that happens in our daily routine. And we must always remember that if we leave it carelessly and don’t take care of it by repairing it, then the crack enlarges when days pass by.

Thus always make sure that you would repair it if something happens on your car’s windscreen because this might sometimes distract you while driving, which leads to a disaster moment.

9. Car Windscreen Wiper Blades

The Wiper blades in our cars always need to be perfect. 

If there is any sort of any cracks or is broken, then they can hinder the visibility when needed by not working properly.

car wiper blades
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If you take your car out on drastic weather such as a heavy storm or rainy days or snowfall, you will feel difficult, that’s why you must replace them often.

Replace them once a year to prevent them from smearing.

10. Wash It

Washing doesn’t simply get the dirt off your vehicle, it maintains the vogue of your car. There area unit several regular exterior components that, if not removed or cleansed frequently, will injury the car’s body, strip away its wax, and uninteresting down the paint. Be it dead bugs, bird fecal matter, pollution, dirt, or different chemicals, they will all accumulate on your automotive layer by layer and ruin the shine. 

car wash
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For gentle cleanup, use a sponge or soft cloth; ensure it’s not abrasive. Make sure you haven’t any particles of dirt treed within the sponge, as this will scratch the paint. Don’t forget to scrub the windows too–it’s a tried-and-tested trick to shine them off with newspaper. Use a product designed specifically for cars and not your regular washing soap.

These car maintenance tips are the most essential ones, which helps you to maintain your car for the long run and it also ensures its long and healthy lifespan. As a result, you and your family can have a relaxing drive by happily travel to a lot of places.



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