Accessorizing our powder room

Everyone likes to decorate their homes with something unique and different. People enjoy getting done with the interior by themselves.  It’s an exciting thing to decorate the dream house in the exact way we like so that we can place everything according to our choice. During earlier times people used to neglect powder room or we can say bathrooms nut now that’s no more a thing. People participate in accessorizing the powder room with same energy that they put in other rooms of the house.

Since our powder room is generally smaller that the rest of the rooms so even the less becomes more. Hence, we should start collecting items that we would like to include and then after that we can have a cohesive collection.

Here are some accessorizing ideas for your powder room:

1. Basin

The best way to make it look more appealing is by adding nice , funky , different sizes and shapes of our basins. We should keep it mind a number of facts before choosing one and those are storage space, plumbing and space required for the basin. The table top and under counter basins works the best if we need additional storage , the wall hung with pedestal is more suitable with bigger style and look to your bathroom.

Accessorizing Our Powder Room

2. Bathroom Taps

These are inseparable from the powder rooms. It can bring a lot of change in the powder rooms despite of being a small part of it. Different styles and shapes are available nowadays with different quality. Along with this they also come with chrome colors and are made of chromed brass material. These are easy to use and gives a definition to our powder room.

Accessorizing Our Powder Room

3. Shower Panels

 Why not make our bathing more convenient using shower panels. These shower panels can fit in almost every bathrooms and have came widely in use in much less time. Moreover, now they also consist of thermostatic diverter ensues anti scalding while taking a shower.  Along with the body finish these showers are pre-fitted with overhead and hand showers which are easy to install. These panels enhance our bathing experience and offers flexibility.

Accessorizing Our Powder Room

4. Mirrors

These give a high definition to our powder room and also makes our room look more spacious. A neat , organized bathroom is all that everyone needs to make his/her morning a good one. Moreover, these mirrors now comes up with compartment to put in all our shampoos and lotions. There are a wide variety of range available with the finest work.

Accessorizing Our Powder Room

5. Toilet Paper Holder

People usually avoid small things which usually they think will get unnoticed but it’s not like that. These toilet paper holders are used to hold toilet papers in the toilet. These comes in exquisite designs and give a different finish to our powder room. Supreme quality materials are used to build up this holder as it is as important as other things in the room.



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