Helpful tips on how to use your spray gun correctly and safely

Here are 7 helpful tips on how to use your spray gun correctly and safely.

In the first article about spray paint guns, we gave you a quick insight into the four different types of paint spray guns and their advantages.

However, it is not just important to choose the correct one for your project but also the way you use it.

1. Prepare the surface and make sure it’s clean

Before spraying, ensure that your surface is clean and smooth. You surely do not want to have marked over your paint due to the dirt. To assure that it is perfectly clean, use sandpaper to remove trouble spots or any grease.

2. Check the level of humidity

High humidity in the air may provoke that your spray painter releases some droplets before reaching the wanted surface. If you are painting indoors, you can reduce it by providing ventilation, raising heat or running a dehumidifier.

3. Do a spray test

For the first tests, use water instead of paint, so you will not waste it. Hold your spray gun tight and very slowly increase the pressure. You will see how the pulverized material gradually assumes a uniform appearance. When you see that the spray takes on a uniform appearance, you have found the correct manner of spraying for that material.

4. Use low air pressure

One of the helpful tips on how to use your spray gun correctly and safely is the use of low air pressure. Generally, many think if they spray with high air pressure, they will paint faster and the paint is going to be more sustainable. However, the result is the opposite: excessive waste of colours and excessive wear of the gun.

The pressure should not be greater than 20 psi.

5. Keep a consistent distance

Hold the gun approximately 12 inches from the surface you are spraying and at an angle of 90°.

  • If you are staying too far from the surface and not holding the gun correctly, the spray jet widens, which means that the spray pattern is vanishing and creates more overspray.
  • If you are staying too close, the paint is spread at too high concentration, which could lead to drips.

! Also, apply the paint at a consistent speed and even motion from side to side, either horizontally or vertically.

6. Keep an appropriate maintenance

It is crucial to clean your Spray Gun regularly. Here is a great example how to do it.

Keeping it spotlessly clean ensures that it will spray properly and remain paint from fluid passages.

7. Never forget about safety

  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s safety, setup, and operating instructions
  • Use a respirator mask, gloves and proper eye protection when spraying. The overexpansion of harsh chemicals is by inhaling them or through skin absorption
  • Never point at a person, animal, or window
  • Do not remove the safety tip that comes with the gun – it prevents contact between the gun and the skin
  • Never leave it pressurised

Now you are ready for any spray-painting project. If you are searching for the right spray gun, check our sales program.

For any question, contact us – we can help you with your next project.

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