Maintenance Spray: a multi-purpose oil

Along with different appliances and varying day to day tasks comes a wide variety of  hurdles that makes things less easy for us. A little maintenance is all that is needed for different appliances to keep a check on their smooth working. Maintenance spray are multipurpose sprays just made for our ease. These maintenance spray: a multi-purpose oil makes our tasks clean and efficient without causing a headache. These can be used for different tasks from automobiles to household works.

Let’s have a look at some of their uses

1. Motorcycle Chains

    Smooth running of motorcycle chains are taken care by chain lubes. These lubes helps the chains to withstand environmental and filthy road conditions. Lubes provides lubrication to chains that lasts for a long time and makes the working of a vehicle much smoother. In addition to this it also provides water repellent properties which further makes it an efficient lubricant.

    Maintenance Spray: a multi-purpose oil

    2. Threaded Fasteners

    These sprays are specifically used for static fasteners and mechanisms prone to seizures. This is made up of high performance compound. This compound is ideal to reduce wear of threaded fasteners and provides good protection against corrosion and optimizes friction.

    3. Various Surfaces

    There are special kind of cleaning sprays which are used to clean and degrease variety of surfaces including cars seats, mats, wheels, carpets, alloys etc. Therefore, Cleaning sprays have chemical composition that makes it suitable to clean dirt, oil, dust and grease from various parts and surfaces.

    4. Rust Prevention

    Corrosion usually makes tools and metal surfaces less bearable and to prevent this there are Anti-wax coatings. These anti wax coatings provides temporary protection to machines. Moreover ,small application of this coating helps in smooth running of machines and maintains them properly.

    maintenance spray: a multi-purpose oil

    5. Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Everyone like their steel to remain shiny all life long.However,steel and other aluminium or laminated surfaces gets tarnished and shows water marks.We can use stainless steel cleaner and polish in such situations. Furthermore, these have a gloss formula which makes the surface shiny and resists fingerprints. Additionally these are non toxic and may cause no harm.

    maintenance spray: a multi-purpose oil

    6. Zinc Galvanizing

    There are many ways to prevent a metal from corrosion and one of them is by using galvanizing sprays. These sprays offers cold galvanizing pain coating to the metal surfaces and thus prevent them from corrosion and rust. This can be done for both metal as well as non metal surfaces. It gives a nice and shiny look to the surfaces in addition to maintaining them. In addition to this sprays are easy to apply and creates no mess as they are smooth flowing.

    7. Mould Release

    It gets a little tough when a plastic surface bonds itself to some other surface which further I results in difficult cleaning. Mould release maintenance sprays helps us to get rid of such problem. These sprays release of plastics with lower melting temperature. Moreover, these sprays leaves no residue on surface.

    Therefore, these are some of the Maintenance spray: a multi-purpose oil used in day to day works.

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