ABRO ZORROFIT – Drawer Channels

What seems to be a simple mechanism require a complex design, with specific materials to provide the best performance when used. ABRO ZORROFIT Drawer Channels made with steel it is precise and strong. Therefore perfect for your kitchen and office furniture, mostly because it has a high resistance to rust and almost no costs to take care. This material is flexible, can be used in different temperature scope, and it’s easy to transport from one place to another because it is light.

ABRO ZORROFIT - Drawer Channels

The ABRO ZORROFIT Drawer Channels made of best quality, rust free cold rolled steel to offer a great experience to all users. Therefore the Zorrofit drawer channel set guarantees smooth movement with high lateral balance. Above all it is designed with smart technology to resist loads and tough daily activities. Ideal for the home, kitchen and offices, with their plastic system to avoid noise and shock.

ABRO ZORROFIT - Drawer Channels

Above all, users must choose the proper channel for the each use always respecting the weight limit. The two types of drawer channels are:

  • Ball-bearing slider – helps in return the drawer all the way to the place when the drawer is pushed in that direction.
  • Soft closing slider – helps the drawer to return to the place softly with no slamming. The drawer smoothly gets back into the position in a fluid motion with no need to make to much force.
ABRO ZORROFIT - Drawer Channels

Drawer Channels Features

  • High quality cold forming process;
  • Shockproof high quality plastic locking system;
  • Superior loading capacity;
  • Weight strength 45kg on 18” inch channel in Ball Bearing Slider;
  • Weight strength 35kg on 18” inch channel in Soft Closing Slider;
  • Width1.2mm x 1.2mm x 1.4mm;

Rust free.

Sizes: 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24” & 30”

Category : Ball Bearing Slider, Soft Closing Slider

How to take care

In conclusion the AIPL Zorrofit telescopic drawer channel has been designed for professional or domestic use, in kitchens, offices and pull-out drawers, allowing soft opening and closing. However In order to prolong durability and decrease the need of maintenance, some factors must be considered.

ABRO ZORROFIT - Drawer Channels
  • The slides are installed in pairs;
  • Use an appropriate oil to lubricate when need;
  • It is important to consider the dimensions of the slide, namely the height, width and length of the slide, open or closed;
  • Respect the weight limit;
  • Operating environment – you must also take into account the general environment in which the slide will be used:
    • Use in food-related environments;
    • Corrosive environment – marine air, gases, specific radiation or high temperatures;
    •  Dusty work environment.




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