cP extension, hEX nipple

CP Extension Nipples are chrome plated. They are made up of high quaity brass and coated with chrome. They are easy to clean in comparison to other regukar brass fittings. They are used in gas pipe to connect two pipes, basically working as an extension.

Brass/Bush, PEX M/Adapter

Bush is made of high quality brass and adaptor. It is bvery useful for industrial workds of pipes. It works similar to nut and bolt and is corrosion resitant. Available in wide variety of sizes and body structure.  

shower/Shataff hose

Shower/Shataff Hose is made of steel and brass which is rust & Corrosion resistant. It has double inter lock and it won’t bend or kink. Shower/Shataff hose are mainly used in bathroom or toilets to connect taps or shower.

mixer hose & cp smooth flexible

Mixer Hose & CP Smooth Flexible is made up of brass and steel. It has long lasting life span, has long durability and is easy to use and clean. Mixer hose & CP Smooth Flexible is used in kithcen for grinding machines. 



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