WN flanges

WN Flange is known as weld neck flange. WN Flange consists of a circular fitter with a protuding rim around the circumference. They are easy to use as they have drilled holes. The regular type can be used in pipes, and the longer one in process plants. 

Blind Flange

Blind Flanges have thickness face of a flange, matching face face one and similar bolting one. Blind flanges can be used for sealing the nozzle opening of pressure vessel. It is also used for blocking the flow of liquid through pipes. 

Slip on flange

A Ring is essentially slip on flange that is placed over a pipe end, with the flange facing the end of a pipe. They have lower material cost than WN Flange and are used at the end of pipe base. 

Socket Weld Flange

Socket Weld Flange are provided with raised face, flat face or RTJ facing. They are used in applications where internal welding operations are difficult and they don’t require beveling before welding.  

Lap joint flange

Lap Joint Flange has steel material grades and has two different types, stainless steel Lap Joint Flange and other is Alloy Lap Joint Flange. They are corrosion and rust preventive. They are used at the end of pipes for easy rotation. Also used in aplications requiring frequent dismantle. 

Threaded flange

Threaded Flanges are similar to slip on flanges. Threaded flanges can be attached without welding. Threaded flanges are used on small diamter, high pressure, requirements. It is generally used for galvanized and on cast iron piping. .



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