GI rubber clamp

GI Rubber Clamps are made of stainless steel with proper test verification. They are safe from heat and are easy to use and damage free. High quality rubber is used for manufacturing GI Rubber clamps.


GI sprinkler clamps

GI Sprinkler Clamps are manufactured using top-notch quality materials, have a sturdy construction and are durable. They are easy to hang and can be easily adjusted in height perfectly. They are applied to horizontal, vertical roof of steel and copper, also it goes with PVC pipes. 

GI nail clamp

GI Nail clamps have high comprehensive strength and performance. They are manufactured with the help of latest technology and are rust free and have stainless steel inside it. GI Nail Clamps are widely used for pipe fitting purposes, for any kind of pipes such as water pipes, gas pipes etc. 

gI saddle clamp

GI Saddle Clamp is often referred to as pipe clamp. GI saddle clamps are manufactured by using high quality grade stainless steel which is rust proof i.e it is can be used for longer duration with ease. It is used in many DIY/Installation settings and various pipelines. 

Hanger Clamp

Hanger Clamps are used to uphold pipes in the industrial sector. They can used for a long duration and are manufactured using stainless steel and carbon which is rust free and corrosion free. They can also be used on all kind of pipes including water pipes, gas pipes etc.

sprinkler rubber clamp

Sprinkler Clamps have base of rubber lining, and high quality of rubber is used for manufacturing these clamps. Mild steel is used to make it rust free for longer duration. It is used in various pipes such as water pipes, fire fighting pipes, drainage pipes etc.  



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