Maintenance and Paint Sprays

maintenance spray

3M Chain Lube​

Chain Lube provides internal and external lubrication for roller chains in motorcycles, forklifts etc. Cleaning spray is specially used for chains operations in dusty/dirty atmosphere. It has excellent water repellent properties and thus it provides effecient lubrication for chains operating in water, sea or steam. 

Anti Seize Spray

Anti Seize Maintenance Spray is designed for static fasteners and mechanisms prone to seizure. Anti Seize Maintenance Spray helps reduce wear of threaded fasteners and offers good protection against corrosion and optimizes friction.

Cleaner And Degreaser​​

This Cleaning Spray can be used to clean and degrease various surfaces like car interiors, seats, engine bay, carpets, mats, wheels, alloys,tires etc.Test on a small inconspicuous area before using.Spray on the surface to be cleaned. Soak for a minute to allow the product to penetrate & loosen dirt.

Anti Wax Coating

Anti Wax Coating maintenance spray provides temporary protection and displacement of moisture from the surfaces of freshly machined components, moulds & dyes. Anti Wax coating maintenance spray helps in smooth running of parts and prevents tools from rusting.

Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polisher

Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray is ideal for stainless steel, chrome, laminated plastics & aluminum surfaces.With a high gloss formula, stainless Steel Cleaning Spray wipes it clean with no streaks or buildup, resists finger prints and masks surface blemishes and has a pleasant lime fragrance.

Penetrating and corrosion Preventive

A penetrating, high-solid, cavity maintenance spray that leaves a transparent, waxy, water repellent protective film. Made for corrosion prevention of closed cavities, such as doors on vehicles, as well as on open surfaces.

KGB Zinc Spray​

Zinc Spray is used for visual enhancement, repair and protection against corrosion of metallic surfaces. Zinc Spray paint is suitable for using in transmission and distribution equipment including towers, transformers,light standards and other metal and galvanized surfaces. 

MoS 2 Lubricant spray

It is solvent based bonded dry film lubricant and coating Maintenance Spray that bond tenaciously to all surfaces.MoS 2 Assembly & Lubricant Maintenance Spray provides excellent lubricity and they have low coefficient friction. 

Zinc G Spray

Zinc G Spray provides long term shiny protection against corrosion. It contains purest metallic zinc powder for corrosion protection against corrosion. It is used as a corrosion preservative and also for preservation after welding at balustrades, scaffoldings, gates, steel stairs etc. 

wd 40

Wd-40 protects metal surfaces with corrosion-resistant Ingredients to shield against moisture and other corrosive elements. It quickly dries out electrical systems to eliminate moisture-induced short circuits.

Zorrik 88

Zorrik 88 loosens and cleans surfaces from dirt, rust, grime, caked grease and oil. It penetrates easily and rapidly in to the minor gaps of tenaciously held moving parts. It helps to reduces friction and enables easy movements of metal parts.

Galvanizing spray

Mould Release Maintenance Spray is used specifically as a mould releasing agent in plastic objects. These products offer effective release of plastics with lower melting temperature, without leaving any residue on the surface.

aerosol paint spray

Sparkling Colors

Sparkling Colors Are decorative color paint,useful for decorating walls and also for automobiles.They are made with the latest technique and are best for decoration.

Heat resistant

Heat resistant colors can withstand high temperatures, flames, grease, rust and smoke which make them ideal for specific applications. These colors can be used in air ovens,stoves,furnaces,hot chambers, chimeys etc.

Wood varnish

It is a solvent based wood coating aerosolized spray that provides a durable and stain resistant coating for both interior & exterior wooden surfaces. It comes in various different shades such as golden pine, rosewood, Indian rosewood, maroon, teak, dark nyatch and red wood.

Fluorescent color

Fluorescent color absorbs and reflects more light than conventional colors. Fluorescent color aerosol paint spray can be applied on car surfaces, and used as a highlighter.

Candy Tone color

Candy Tone Color paints are basically shiny paints with different colours and are easy to use. They give glossy look, and it is a metallic paint. Candy Tone color spray paint can be applied to any metal.



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