Ariston electrical heaters

Ariston Electric Heaters are water heaters which make wide range of tanks heat instantly. It is safe to use and free from electric shocks. It also consumes less energy than traditional heaters.


aluminium connection pipe

Aluminium Connection Pipes are made up of high quality Aluminium and are flexible to use and can be easily bend and customized. These pipes are rust resistant and are used to connect shower or tap or pipe with other pipes.

stand Pipe + Shower Rose + Clip

It is a Shower Rose attached with Stand Pipe and Clip. It is made of stainless steel of high quality with trademark. Pipes can be attached to this shower with ease. It is used in bathroom as shower. 

double lock chrome hose

Double Lock Chrome Hose is chrome plated with aluminium material used of high quality which has double lock and can be used as connection between pipes. It is bendable, easy to use and unbreakable. It can be used in bathroom or anywhere to join or connect two pipes.

Stainless steel floor drain 15x15

Floor drain is basically a path through which water flows and connects sewage. This is available in 15×15 Size. It is free from rust and is applied on tiles to prevent choke up of drainage. 


RU 1002 — bath/ shower mixer

It is an all in one tap  which can be connected with hot water as well as cold water tanks and also with shower. It can be used for multiple purposes, is easy to fit and rust free. It is used in bathroom as bathing tap. 

Jan July Extensible trap 1''-1/4

Jan July Extensible trap are of size 1″1/4. They are connected to waste. They are made up of stainless steel and are easy to use. They are used between pipes and in bathrooms.

Floating Switch 2m

The wire size of Floating Switch is 2m. It is a type of level sensor and can be used in a control pump as indicator or alarm. It uses mercury switch inside hinged float. It is used to detect level of liquid in tank.

WC connector

Our WC Connector ranges are made from a high quality polypropylene plastic with an excellent rubber sealing washer for bathroom accessories. The internal rubber gasket in our rigid pan connectors are uniquely elongated meaning the seal with the pan spigot is extremely water tight.  

cp bottle trap

A bottle trap is provided to receieve waste from washbasin, kitchen sinks, bathroom accesssories, sanitary ware suppliers and other appliances where the appliances don not have a built in sanitary trap. 

pvc bottle trap

Sanitary traps provide a water seal between the swere pipes and the bathroom accesssories in which plumbing fixtures are installed. A bottle trap is provided to receive waste from wahsbasin, kitchen sinks and other bathroom appliances where the appliances do not have a built in trap.



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