Special and
general lubricants


Solid lubricating paste with particularly low friction coefficient for assembly and running-in of metal components.


Solid lubricant paste for bolted metal with particularly low friction coefficient joints; Contains no lead or nickel.


Heavy duty; Chemically resistant; High temperature fluoro-silicone grease.

high pressure

Synthetic grease for bearing points subject to extremely high temperatures and corrosive environmental influences.

high temperature

OKS 1140 is an extreme-temperature silicone grease for slow-running machine elements at extremely high temperatures.

low temperature

A synthetic fluid grease for the food industry, which is suitable for medium and high speed rolling and sliding bearings as well as for gears at medium and low temperatures.

high speed

Fully synthetic high-performance grease with PTFE for use at low temperatures and high speeds

Chain oils

chain oils

A 100% synthetic polyol ester based, high treated lubrication oil for high temperature chains. Besides of it’s excellent high temperature stability it guarantees excellent wear protection and good corrosion protection.

gear and bearing fluid

A friction-reducing high pressure grease with MoS2 for heavy-duty lubrication points. It protects against friction and wear, it still keeps it’s smooth structure even in unfavorable working conditions.

food grade oil

Paraffin based Food-Grade Lubrication Oils containing Proofed Anti Oxidation and Extreme Pressure Additives in an by Usda Allowed Concentration. Paraffin Based Food-Grade Hydraulic Oil, contains Anti Wear Additives.

Silicone fluids

Extremely High-Temperature Stable Silicone Engine Oil with High Viscosity Index. For High Temperature Applications. Also as Separating Agent For Synthetic (Plastic) Materials, Glass and Metals.

corrosion protection and rust loosing fluids

Light Color Penetrating and Corrosion Preventive Engine Oil for Losing. A Complete Line of different products for the different film types of Corrosion Protection. They provide Long Lasting Protection. Easy to Apply and Easy to Remove Industrial Oils. Suitable as Multi Purpose Corrosion Preventive and Lubricating Engine Oils.

synthetic compressor oil

Compressor Industrial Oils are formulated with Fully Synthetic Base Stocks & the Latest Additive Technologies to provide Exceptional Cold Climate Resistance, High Viscosity Index and Excellent Oxidation and Thermal Stability. It allows smooth operations even at High Compressed Air Temperatures & Improves Deposit Control on equipment parts.



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